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    Bing Wang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 1995. At the academy, he and Doudou Huang (now a famous Chinese folk choreographer) created the video course material for Chinese Dance Shen Yun (中国舞身韵). The material is still used today in the Chinese classical dance department of Beijing Dance Academy. From 1997-2002, he was a lead dancer at the Chinese National Opera and Dance Drama Theater (中国歌剧舞剧院) and performed at notable cultural events around the world. Later on, he became a choreographer for Chinese Central and Beijing TV. He began his teaching career as a lead instructor at the Chinese classical dance department of Beijing Shenji Academy where his students won top awards across the nation.

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    Artistic Director

    Kitty Xu graduated from the Beijing PLA Academy of Arts in 1995. Launching her dancing career, she worked as an instructor at Beijing Dance Academy as well as choreographed performances for China Central TV (CCTV). As the lead singer of the band, Her Her Guo, she won many awards over the years, including an MTV Music Video award for the band’s top single, “Wang Qiu Pai Pai (网球拍拍)”. She has performed on multiple TV shows in China, including Tong Yi Shou Ge(同一首歌) and Da Di Fei Ge(大地飞歌) on CCTV. Kitty has also won various awards over the years at American regional and national dance competitions, including Best Choreography and Teacher of the Year.

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    Chinese Dance Instructor

    Haidi Liu graduated in 2009 from the Beijing Dance Academy. She competed in Beijing, Korea International, and Tao Li Bei Dance Competition where she won many first prizes. In school, she helped prepare the Chinese folk dance Gihon teaching material and the Korean (Joseon) dance teaching material. She received outstanding remarks from the professor of Beijing Dance Academy Basic Training during her internship there.

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    Chinese Dance/Gymnastics Instructor

    Xiaoming Wang graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy in 2014. He has won several awards, including “Best Performance” at the 10th Annual National Tao Li Bei “Peach Cup” Chinese Classical Dance (Junior Division), 3rd place for performance and choreography award at Beijing Dance Academy, and the “Best Performance” award for Classical Dance Gymnastics at the Beijing Dance Academy.

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    Ballet Instructor

    Marina Ebrahimi began rhythmic gymnastics training when she was 4 and began dancing at the age of 6. With six years of experience, Marina was a medalist in many Russian gymnastics championships. From the age of nine years old, she has dedicated her life to dancing. In 2003, Marina graduated from the Academy of Culture and Art, in Novosibirsk, Russia with a degree in Choreography as a Ballet Master with honors and awards. Marina has performed professionally with Irina Smirnova Collective, Victoria Dance Company, Sergey Suncov Collective, Seventh Sense Ballet Company performing various classical (Vaganova School of Ballet technique), jazz/modern, historical and character roles.

    Marina has experience instructing students of all ages in classical ballet, character dance, gymnastics, and is extremely passionate about her work.

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    Ballet Instructor

    Jing Zhang joined Ballet San Jose in 2005 and has performed in ballets including Dennis Nahat’s The Nutcracker, Wes Chapman’s staging of Don Quixote, and Ben Stevenson’s Cinderella. Born in Shanghai, Ms. Zhang began her ballet studies at the Shanghai Dance School in 1993. In 2000, she progressed to the Specialty of Dance Department in the Opera and Dance College of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. During her tenure, Ms. Zhang participated in numerous competitions and garnered many awards. In 2013, Ms. Zhang became an ABT® Certified Teacher, who has successfully completed the ABT® Teacher Training Intensive in Pre-Primary through Level 7 of the ABT® National Training Curriculum.Marina has experience instructing students of all ages in classical ballet, character dance, gymnastics, and is extremely passionate about her work.

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    Contemporary/Lyrical Instructor

    Sarah Deng is a current undergraduate at UC Berkeley, on track to major in Theater, Dance, and Cognitive Science, with a minor in Computer Science. Studying under Kitty Xu and Wang Bing since she was five, this marks her 14th year under their direction and guidance. In 2017, she was the first one at SVDA to graduate from the SVDA Proficiency Testing Curriculum in the Professional series. She is currently embarking on her choreographic journey, setting pieces both in school and at the studio.  

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