Shelter-In-Place Order: Dance Studio Updates & Online Classes!

Due to the recent shelter-in-place mandate concerning the novel coronavirus, our studios will be closed until further notice. In the meantime, please reach out for online class scheduling. We will be holding weekly classes over Zoom and encourage students to consistently attend these classes in order to keep up their technical abilities. Thank you, everyone, and please stay safe!

Regarding Fall 2020 classes, we anticipate that we will not be able to open our studios by the time August rolls around. However, we will start a new fall schedule on August 10, regardless of whether it is over Zoom or in person. Thank you for your resilience and adaptability during these uncertain times. 

During the few weeks that we've held classes over Zoom, many of our students have shown tremendous improvements in their technical abilities despite the unfavorable circumstances of dancing in their living rooms. We've attached a gallery of photos taken by students at home. Thank you for all your hard work, students! You are all so inspiring.